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Artem is a huge fan of board games. He already has a great collection and is starting to think about having a separate apartment to store the games in comfort and safety :)

A couple of years ago, he started learning to swim like a professional under the guidance of a qualified coach. What has started as a leisure activity has eventually turned into a goal: to swim across Bosporus one day.

Once upon a time, Artem discovered a love for traveling. He likes traveling with his wife and wishes to visit every corner of the world that exists. The wildest dreams include Antarctica, Greenland, Oceania, Patagonia, and other remote places.

When Artem has a free minute between working, swimming, traveling and playing board games, he likes playing with his dog named Rudy. The dog responds happily and sometimes bites his owner due to excess affection.

Having spent 10 years performing different roles in customer relations of web hosting companies, Artem has gotten used to the feeling of happiness when all customers’ issues are solved successfully and the customers are satisfied.