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Andrew MojoHost

Andrew enjoys traveling, but prefers train to air trips, mostly because he has traveled by air too often in the past. He lives in two cities, Kyiv and Zaporizhya, and frequently moves between them.
At a younger age, he was a fan of chemistry and worked for ten years as an engineer-technologist in a central laboratory of a metallurgical plant, studying at the same time UNIX-like systems and computer networking for the fun of it and working part-time for a small ICT company as a systems administrator.
In his early thirties he decided it was a good time to look for new experiences and moved to the shores of Africa where, a bit to the North-West from the Gulf of Guinea, he spent about 8 years maintaining an ICT network covering a territory of a small country. He is still a bit nostalgic about those times when he worked in a not-always-safe-and-cozy environment with a team of interesting people from almost all places imaginable around the globe.
He enjoys working in the field of information technology because he believes that we live only as long as we learn, and this constantly changing environment never lets one say: “I know it perfectly!” Feeling a huge infrastructure at his fingertips is always fun and exciting for Andrew.
Aside from his interest in computers and networks, Andrew follows the news of astronomy, paleontology, anthropology and occasionally delves into the topics of linguistics. Once upon a time he decided to learn Latin to fulfill his childhood dream and did it, but later found that, to no surprise, there is little use for the ancient language nowadays, except for reading inscriptions on the walls of the old Rome. So he let it rust quietly somewhere in the attic of his memory.
This experienced sysadmin and devops enjoys hiking with his friends in the fields or in the forest and, luckily, his native Zaporizhya provides a lot of opportunities for this, as its urban landscape is suitably interspersed with large chunks of untouched nature.