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If you prefer owning your servers, Co-Location with MojoHost is a great option.

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You have options.

We can tailor a space and power offer at either of our Data Centers: Equinix’s Miami NAP of the Americas in the US, one of the best locations to deliver to both North and South America, and Evoswitch in the Netherlands, built in Europe’s largest networking hub. Both Data Centers maintain the highest standards of security as well as redundancy of resources and have large peering exchanges.

  • Highest Security Standards
  • Redundancy of Resources

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Michigan Data Center

Michigan is our home base, and location of our new flagship data center, where most of our server administrators are working every day to make your online businesses run smoothly. If you ever are in town, stop by MojoHost’s office and let’s meet in person!

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Aerial photo of Miami skyline

Miami Data Center

Equinix’s NAP of the Americas (“NOTA”) is home to the primary network exchange between the U.S. and Latin America. The data center is built 32 feet above sea level and is designed to withstand Category 5 hurricane-level winds.

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Photo of Amsterdam buildings along the water

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Located in Europe’s largest networking hub, our Amsterdam datacenter is a great choice for you if the majority of your users are located in the European Union. Evoswitch facility offers the best in security, connectivity and sustainability.

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