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Types Of DNS Records And Terms

Types of DNS Records and Other Terms

DNS records are confusing, so here's a simple guide on what the most important ones do, and how DNS propagation works. This blog post includes information essential to domain owners, and links out to a wider overview.
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MojoCloud For ElevatedX

MojoCloud + MojoCDN Bundle for ElevatedX Sites

MojoHost and Elevated X have partnered on a new "MojoCloud+MojoCDN" bundle, allowing for elastic storage and great scalability so you never run out of storage space, never need hard drive upgrades and your website visitors can enjoy faster video playback.
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Adult Content Creators Time To Build Your Home Base

Adult Content Creators: Time to Build Your Home Base

Many talented and intelligent adult content creators have experienced quite an unpleasant thrill over the possibility of losing a major source of income. The silver lining on what must have felt like a nightmare to many is that it served as a trigger for action. Many realized that it is never a good idea to put your livelihood entirely in the hands of a platform...
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MojoHost Chooses Green Technology: Earth Day Special

We care about the environment and want to create a greener future, so we make the right choices, big and small,  to minimize environmental impact. The MojoHost datacenter uses cutting-edge environmentally-friendly technology for blazing-fast websites and a greener future.
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